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I tried out FO4 in 2016 and was immediately bored after one half-decent completionist-ish playthrough. Nothing was bad enough to gripe about, but nothing was uh, nothing was really good either, except the Fallout setting and Bethesda's environmental storytelling. I quietly put it down and forgot about it.

On a lark, I decided to pick up 4 again last month and check out the mod scene, and I found this, and immediately felt like SS/Conqueror "this is what Fallout 4 should have been." SS is how settlements should have worked, Industrial Revolution is the role they should have played, and Conqueror is the framework to support the gameplay that should have emerged from that. Also, the new Personal Guards are what companions should have been. I'm happy to report I am like, entirely too many hours into a heavily modded Brotherhood game and so far I have only touched the outskirts of Boston and Automatron.

There are bugs and hiccups and lots of mod order testing, as is traditional for Bethesda games, and I'm gonna admit that all the really cool content being gated behind opaque combination requirements and quests and secrets was .. somewhat frustrating (thank you so much to whoever made that one spreadsheet that's buried somewhere). All the same, I am having a blast and I am just wildly impressed with both the scope and execution of Sim Settlements. It's not like a whole new game, it's like the same game but just good instead of mediocre. Hopefully Bethesda is paying attention to how it's done!

Edit: Also hopefully uh, this thread is in the right place. There are too many forums on this forum. :3
Edit the second: **tugging at shirt collar, awkwardly realizing this is not at all the right forum** ehh ehh, uhh, a little uhhh, a little help please?
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