Supervisor White from Graygarden at Finch's Farm

Discussion in 'SS General Forum (Chat Here)' started by TheCrux, May 8, 2019.

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    May 8, 2019
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    White showed up at Finch's Farm after a raider attack at Graygarden. I have done nothing to Graygarden (although I did help defend it) but Finch's Farm is a level zero city. The first time I noticed White (who largely cannot be interacted with) at Finch's I rebooted and White zoomed off to what I hoped was Graygarden. Later I came back to Finch's and White was, sadly, there.

    Note I have already done the Graygarden water quest.

    I tried using the city planning desk to reset zones and such (at Finch's) but that didn't work.

    Any advice? I don't really have any mods that deal with settlers other than Expanded Settlements and Sim Settlements except Conq.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    @TheCrux, ha I am watching your thread too. So, just didn’t want you to think no one cared about your issue. :unknw I am glad you posted it.:bye

    I don’t and never had a glitch like this so am completely baffled :crazy but very interested.

    Still, it is very curious to me?:acute
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    By resetting zones, do you mean rebuilding local data? If not, you might try that. Back up your save first, as it is not a no-risk option.

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