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Suggestions for some ripped/combined vanilla/dlc assets


New Member
Hey there,
I want to start this thread because sometimes I see something in FO4 but can't get it in my settlement so i hope maybe some day in the future i could ^^

  • the Phoropter chair (would be awesome in a barber store or any kind of doc)
  • Furniture without animation (for decoration without settlers be annoying or building a stool shelf)
  • the BoS standing guard animation (the one with the arms behind the back)
  • tv's/terminals with a institute monitoring camera screen (could be useful)
  • these ground decals with ground textures which can cover other objects (like the one at outpost Zimonja)
  • elm saplings

thank u for reading and feeding me with such awesome content ^^
have a very nice day:party: