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[Suggestion/Thought] Settlement Outlines as a reference or possible Contest Theme


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City Planner (S3)
I brought this up in a discussion recently and thought I'd clarify my idea and get feedback. See if anyone else would be interested. The idea here is to create a set of template city plans to give some inspiration and guidance to city planners new to the mod or just looking for a reference.

Each Outline would essentially be a list of plots and their levels for each level of a city plan. Number of residential plots, how much power, water and defense to have. Maybe even so far as to say what water and power sources to use. The benefit of this would be that the functional design would be predetermined and the settlement plan creator would be free to focus on layout and aesthetics.

Example: Weapon Manufacturing Settlement
Level 0: 3 residential plots, 1 junk collection plot, 1 garden, 1 defense plot, 2 water pumps, 2 medium generators
Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Fully fleshed out to include a weapon shop, ammunition manufacturing and all the plots required for an optimal layout related to the crafting and sale of weapons in a settlement. I'm not filling this out because I don't feel confident I know all the answers here. Which is kind of the point.

We could have perhaps a growing list of Settlement Outlines like this for people to use as a reference (if they wish). This might open up city plan creation to more people by reducing what they need to focus on when creating. It might also be useful for regular players building for personal use.

The option also could be used as a contest theme. Have two settlements with no restrictions (like we have currently) and then one entry that can be any settlement, but must use the specific outline selected for the month. Over time, this would create a pool of city plans designed around utility for end users to take advantage of.

Settlement Outline Ideas:
  • Weapon Manufacture and Sale
  • Armor Manufacture and Sale
  • Chem Manufacture and Sale
  • Academy (multiple training recreational plots, possibly several sub-academy themes?)
  • Trade Hub
  • Food Distribution Center
  • Water Distribution Center
  • Resource Distribution Center (possibly sub-themes)
  • Power Distribution Center
These would be min-maxed to have the highest output for the fewest plots. Thus enabling the most flexibility for end users who want to use these as templates and expand upon if they wish.