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Fixed Subdue Defenders: Combat restarts on success


New Member
After taking Starlight as my headquarters, I attacked Abernathy for food. Initially concentrated on the hired guards and killed them. When the last remaining settler went down, the quest succeeded and I got the message box explaining what happens on success. Also all settlers got up again, drew their weapons, and attacked me and the surviving raiders. This is a reproducible problem for me (i.e. reloading from before the attack and playing the attack again lead to the same problem).

Workaround: Run away. The quest has already succeeded, and the trade route is set up. On returning later everything was calm again. This may be a conflict with something that I have installed, not sure what though as I don't have ai / combat overhauls. The code might need to be tweaked somewhat to go to greater lengths to ensure peace after the successful battle.
I've been having the same issue. Sometimes i'll come back and the place is back to normal and all the civilians are friendly but there are no raiders about. But it says i control the place.