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Hey, so first of all I need to say that it is just incredible what this com made with the rudimentary settlement system in F4. I mean Bethesda gives you the option to combine some walls to buildings and you build a complete Sim City auto build feature plus story plus quests plus build your own faction? Oh boy this is so much exaggerated that it would be funny if it would not actually work and be so awesome.

That said, I wonder if you guys are interested in Starfield? It seems to have a "settlement" feature as well with a recruitement system. You can even build starships and there is plenty of space on dozens of planets. Imagine what would be possible here. So I wonder: Are you guys interested in Starfield in general and in modding for it in particular?


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It's come up during the Livestreams a few times; at this point it seems like there's a lot of "let's wait and see what it's ACTUALLY like instead of the carefully managed, probably edited clips in the trailers" with regards to deciding if it's worth modding - not to mention, have to see what even needs adding first.
I mean, can't really tell how the new "building system" actually works from that tiny bit of footage. Things like costs, time, all that...
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