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SS2 City Plan Contest Rules


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City Planner (S3)
Are mods that change ground or scenery textures allowed, and if so are they required to be listed on the plan? The ambience for plan screenshots can be markedly different if a settlement is pictured against a verdant green-scape compared to the base game's blasted-wasteland aesthetic, and players will not achieve settlements matching the "designer's vision" highlighted in screenshots and videos if the same retexturing or environmental alteration mods are not running.


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If I recall correctly, those sorts of mods were not permitted in the previous versions of the contest; same with ENBs or other visual mods that significantly altered how the plan would look. It stands to reason that the same would apply now. In my opinion, the best rule of thumb is "If it doesn't have an equivalent in the main Sim Settlements 2 mod, don't use it." For me, that also means not using plot sizes that don't have a plan in the base mod, to make sure that people who don't have the add-ons I use will still at least get something functional.