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SS2 Add Tutorial Suggestion


Verified Builder
I just started working my way through KingGaths tutorial for modding and I am finding it very helpful and informative.
Taking the suggestions from the Modding 101 video I have a suggestion to make life a little easier.
Coming from an aerospace engineering design background I would regularly have to make copies of parts in order to edit them in different ways and here are some of the tips I used.

For the section on "Basic Skin Form Creation" you duplicate the template and create your collector (since it collects and contains all of the lower level details) in steps 1 thru 14.
You then duplicate the template again for the L1 configuration and establish all of the connections in steps 15 thru 22.
Instead of repeating all of the steps for L2 and L3 it is faster to just duplicate your new L1 and update the connections to the appropriate levels.

This might not save much time but it is easier then have to research for the templates and connect all of new objects to the collector individually instead of only having to do it once.