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Some Small/Minor Issues Update 2


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Just a "running" list of small issues, I have encountered. Some are small and easily fixed during game play, some are annoying but should be ignored, and others are minor:
(1) Small Issues
  • Occasionally, after receiving notification of a successful settlement assault, my warriors start shooting me. Fix - save immediately after receiving the notification, fast travel to/from another settlement.
  • Inconsistent population numbers in the War Planners Desk settlement report versus the in-settlement Workshop mode versus the PipBoy map. This issue is old and involves the vanilla mechanics. I know of no fix and should be ignored, but I rely on the settlement reports.
  • my Righteous Authority disappears from all containers in the Castle, except dropping it and storing in the Work Bench. Fix - never store.
  • on several occasions, Minutemen and/or civilians abandon the artillery positions. Fix - changed AutoAssign to Off and now micromanage assignments.
(2) Minor Issues
  • War Planner assault team specification lists the third rank as Captain, but should be Sergeant, see image. Also, occurs normal versus detailed view, see images.


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