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    Clone Layer Handle Method - has some options for cloning to the source layer, working layer, new layer, and Ask Me. Ask Me is great, but it only has the options for a New Layer or Default Layer. Source and Exisiting are not options. Sometimes I like to create a new layer when cloning if I am moving to a different part of my settlement build, and other times if I am in the same area/building selecting the existing layer would be fine. Ask Me would be great, otherwise I am going back and forth selecting between the options.

    Mirroring! I built a fairly complicated staircase/hallway combo involving precise movements, etc. Instead of trying to duplicate it on the other side of the building, a mirroring function would be neat! Then I can just copy the one side, paste/snap its newly mirrored side. And speaking of snapping...

    Layer Snapping! I have no idea how all the programming works underneath it all, so I don't even know if is possible, but while cloning is great for the times when I have to re-build an exact copy in another area, being able to snap what I have cloned either in Layer or on another Layer would be awesome. Possibly something with....

    Grouping! A feature where while each individual piece is cloned, the cloned objects don't drop their relation to each other yet maintain their individual snap points or other variables while the entire group is selected. In other words, after something is cloned they are then Grouped as a single entity so that when grabbing a selection (say a wall) and moving it the rest of the objects in that Group move with it without having to select the Layer Handle before. Currently when I want to move a cloned group of objects I set down the Handle, select that handle, Clone, then move around the cloned objects as a whole but always in relation to the handle. I can't move the handle around later to change perspective since picking it up moves the attached objects. Even if there is an option to unlink cloned objects to the Handle so that I can reposition it, I still then have to link it back to the Handle. The issue here is that there is always the Layer Handle to be used which is fine for items to be placed about willy-nilly, but for precision placement of a large group of items a Grouping feature would be nice. So for example, I have 4 wings of buildings connected by a cross-section of hallways. Each wing has to snap in perfectly with the hallway leading to the next wing. There are multiple levels to each wing so building each one is time consuming. Also each wing is to be the same as its opposite. Now all I would have to do would be build one wing of the building, select the doorway, snap it in place to the connecting hallway, and the rest of the wing would have moved with the doorway! Make a clone and swing the newly cloned Wing to the opposite end, select the doorway in the cloned group and snap it to the hallway with the rest of that wing staying with it. A perfect lineup of all 4 wings done in a matter of minutes instead of hours re-creating each wing due to the necessity of perfect placement.
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