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Question So many issues.. so so many...


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I'm having several issues with the game right now. First of all the food system is broken, I have 2 guys assigned to farms and they don't even provide enough food for 12 settlers. Second, the video on the wiki says it only takes 100 resources to recruit a soldier but I have over 700 and it still won't let me recruit new ones. Third I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the roles of raiders from whatever else to warrior. Fourth, I cannot find any sort of config file for the mod anywhere on my computer. The settings in the holotape can't possibly be the entire settings menu because it basically consists of Boolean options for enabling and disabling certain features. I can't find where you would alter values of the mod, like the resources needed to recruit new settlers/soldiers.

The lack of detailed documentation/in game tutorials has made playing this mod miserable for me, even though I can see that it would be really fun if I had any idea how to play. Can anyone help me please?


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So many issues that aren't issues.
Am agricultural plot at its first level only gives like two food. Once it upgrades to level three, it gives six food. You must use agricultural plots and not tato plants because agricultural pots also give 'rations' (which are like food but not visible to the player).
Recruiting soldiers requires food, money and industry. You need ten extra of each of those three things and you also need an empty bed. The money requirement comes from commercial plots, and the equipment requirement comes from industrial plots.

The options are just a lot of yes or no, you can't change the food req or any numbers. In the options you can turn off soldier requirements and then you won't need food or money at all to recruit.