Simple Mod I made: 'Random Plot Generator'

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    We're not going to discuss how long it took me to make what must be literally the simplest Addon that's theoretically possible, but I made it and hope people find it useful in creating city plans.

    Random Plot Generator; the idea is you place these plots (Empty Floors painted the same color as the plots they're assigned as (Except Martial, because there were no black painted floors, so White)) in a settlement you intend to export into a city plan when you have plots you want to have, but aren't interested in exactly what plot is placed there. E.g. if you definitely want four stores, and one of them should be a General store, you place the General store plot, and three of these. Then Export. Someone loads the city plan with Designers choice on but they don't have this ESL installed/on, they get a General Store, and three other randomly generated stores autogenerated because Sim Settlements has to randomly replace these three plots.

    Thanks, Jonnan
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    If you would like an invite to Discord let me know ;)
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    This is a really clever idea, and I hope to see some city plans soon that take advantage of it.

    The use of colored floors is so simple and effective.

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