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Sim Settlements Add-on pack -- VaultLand


I was able to finally isolate the plot that was causing CTDs in Vault 88. It was the "Militiaman's General Goods" Plot. That is the one that produces the "Preston Garvey Action Figure" at Tier 3. Looks like it is broken somehow the only way i as able to remove it was to walk to where the plot was backwards, then keep trying until i could get enough of it to show to scrap it. Once I did that my CTDs stopped. Also I noticed there is a lot of frame drop with the Mirelurk Experiment food plot, and the one that sales the Vault suits. Unfortunately, the "Preston Garvey Action Figure" mesh/collision does not work properly so you won't be able to use them as proper settlement decorations.
I really like the spin the mod author put on this, like the pink paste food plot the occasionally spawns a pink paste ghoul, as well as other
Think this mod deserves some love and attention for its uniqueness.