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Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2, and Galac-Tec Varangian mod compatibility.**SPOILER FOR THOSE THAT HAVENT PLAYED GC YET**


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I play both SS2 and GC side by side. So far there are no compatibility issues. Both mods have Gunners as the primary enemy faction. But with Chapter 2 coming out, I'm worried that wont be the case anymore. Is there any way SS2 team could talk to the GC team and see if there is any way the 2 mods could be able to continue to work together?
GC has you running around with a new faction killing Gunner leadership. You end up killing almost every named Gunner in the game after its all done, either through the quest line, or optional bounty type quests. If SS2 CH2 is adding new non vanilla Gunners to the game I dont think itd be an issue. But if they are using some current ones, then there will most likely be issues


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Unless someone official decides to spill the beans I think this will be a wait and see situation.
In my experience, SS2 either uses existing locations as they are or adds custom locations and custom NPCs to existing locations.
Having never played GC before all I can offer is what I think will be required.

If SS2 Ch2 does add new custom named gunners then there would be up to the GC team a release a compatibility patch to pick up all those new gunners.