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Old Post Sim... Enemy Camps?


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Okay, I have no idea if this is at all sane, but here it is.

Step 1 - A simsettlements system where Cityplans include the border info and take into account things scrapped beyond the standard; e.g. I can make a Cityplan for a place than automagically updates that it was using 'All settlements extended' borders and scrapped some ordinarily unscrappable objects without actually including all settlements extended and scrap everything.

Step 2 - A Cityplan that lets you create a new settlement/home at an entirely new place with borders and scrapping. Say, the vault room at vault 81 after you save the kid, you have a portable desk you drop, it notes there is a plan available for this location, and you activate it.

Step 3 - being able to make a new 'settlement' that you don't create and never get to take, period, that could be anything from level 1 to level 3, just like when it builds new settlements are coming up in 4.0 at the beginning.

Step 4 - placing these new settlements in places and letting raiders and things make new designs in the same buildings. Either once per game or even potentially changing as the game changes.

So you defeat the raiders in Concord, and defeat the corvega raiders early to help tenpines. The raiders have a level 1 raider camp.

Next game you skip Preston entirely and are level 25 when you hit corvega. But the Corvega raiders are a lot harder now because they've had time to upgrade to level three.

Then later you go back and the gunners have taken the facility, and setup their own variation on the camp.

Steps 1 and 2 are asking for a lot. But if that's feasible, the functionality to make raider/gunner/Supermutant camps that improve and vary over time is already kind of in the mod now isn't it?


Hi, you may see something related to enemy Settlements in future patches for the Conquerors expansion pack.