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Settlers won't move/create supply lines (Mod Conflict?)


New Member

I love Sim Settlements and in truth, it is the only reason why I keep coming back to Fallout 4. I play on Xbox One and around levels 15-20 I begin to experience some settlement issues. Basically, my settlements fail to (1) attract more people (though my charisma is high and the settlements have plenty of amenities) (2) I create a supply line using the RB in workshop mode yet the individual does not respond and fails to move (3) I attempt to move a settler from one place to another and they do not go anywhere. In fact Nick Valentine has been missing for about a week now...

When this happened the first time, I removed the mod entitled "What's your name" which I had read causes a conflict with SS and started a new save. It worked just fine up until level 19 and the only mods I use now that are pertinent to settlers are "Journey" and the other one with the named settlers that apparently can work with the SS add-ons. That all said, I now have these issues and as my playthrough is settlement-based I am kind of stuck. I disabled Journey as I kept getting the prompt about moving between settlements when I assigned an individual to move/create a supply but I did not have Journey installed the first time that this happened so I am not sure that mod is the issue.

Does anybody have any experience or ideas they wish to share?