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Old Post Settler Protection and Gender Ratio


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Hi Kinggath, i really like your new Mod. It comes in very Handy. There are some (minor?) Suggestions i would like to give.

I use Don't Call me Settler ever since it has been released. Yeah, i know the fuzz about it, but i disabled the gamebreaking Scripts like "Burn Baby Burn!" and such stuff. I only use it for these Purposes (and never had an Issue):
1. Settler Protection Settings
2. Settler Gender Ratio
3. Settler Naming
4. Better Settlement Attack warnings.

As for Settler Naming and Better Attack Warnings there are decent Alternatives out there. Settler Protection was a mod on Nexus, but has been disabled. Gender Ratio also has a Mod but i never tried that out.

In my Opinion the Settler Protection and Gender Ratio would fit really neat into the Workshop Framework. It came to me the Moment i saw the Bed settings and the Crop/Defense Stuff.

If you decided to put those Settings into the Mod it would be great so i (and others) could get rid of Mod that is long gone and unsupported.

Kind Regards


I'd like to second this suggestion, if it's something that can be done within the scope of the mod. I've dealt with my all-female settlement by turning off recruitment and sending settlers from other settlements, but that won't work past vanilla recruitment limits. It would also be nice to be able to set all-ghoul recruitment, for the slog.