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    First I would like to say sim settlement is a great mods and I am still playing F4 due to this mods and I would like to see more from sim settlements. I have two suggestions that I hope you guys can consider.

    1. Settlement under attack always bothers me as I do not wish to waste time defending it and the main reason is there is no real consequences hence I hope SS can change this meaning settlers can die from settlement attack hence making it immersive and also building defense more meaningful and also turning up to defend your settlement more meaningful. Also arming my settlers becomes priority too.

    2. The second suggestion is more complex. As we have 4 major faction in game and 11 factions if you include Raiders and DC and GN town so I would think logically from the story and lore that the factions would battle over settlement from different factions. Hence if we can have settlements assigned like the Nuka world raider gang with flag etc then opposing factions would be triggered to attack it and either conquer it or sack it (killing settlers designated as guards and reset back all plots to tier 1). Also if a settlement have been assign to a faction it gets their unique furnitures, building types etc (always wanted a institute style settlement above ground with all the nice design). Also it make sense that DC guards or synth would be send to attack Hangman alley if the settlement grows and take over its trade and the synth Major would have no issue attacking it. It would give a war feel and immersive to the game as commonwealth is at war.

    Hopefully dreams can come true. Thanks for reading

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