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    Despite the fix that was introduced a few months ago for the wrong/insufficient number of sleeping places/beds spawning when starting/upgrading a city plan, I'm still having issues in quite a few settlements where the bed count is usually far lower than it should be, or in some cases higher.

    So my question is, is there a way to manually trigger the script/function or whatever that calculates how many beds/sleeping places need to be spawned in the current settlement to provide every settler that doesn't have a residential plot assigned with a place to sleep? Unless I'm mistaken, a city plan at any level should provide a workshop counted bed for every settler within the plans intended amount of settlers, either via residential plot, or through spawned in beds/sleeping bags etc.

    I've tried refreshing these cities, but often times this either doesn't improve the bed count and sometimes even removes the few beds that did spawn in (that weren't part of a residential plot). So is there a way to trigger a recalculation for the current settlement that I'm in?

    An example of what I'm talking about would be my current Murkwater Construction Site settlement. It is currently at level 1 and the plan should accommodate 12 settlers, but there are only 6 beds from the 6 residential plots that are part of level 1 so I'm 6 beds/sleeping places short, which shouldn't be the case.
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    One of my settlements is over populated so I decided to have 2 Victorian Doss Houses (from Mega Pack Year One) built to accommodate citizens that aren't fortunate enough to have their own residence. One Doss House has 8 sleeping bags for the homeless and one bed for the house owner. The sleeping bags are on the lower floor and should be considered as sheltered. However, the Doss Houses don't appear to raise the shelter meter.

    I tried running the shelter bug fix script manually and all it did was dissociate the sleeping bags from civilians that were assigned to them.

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