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Question SCOLs moving off to one side


New Member
Hi everyone! Thank you for the help so far in answering my questions. My latest one: When I am trying to make my levels into SCOLs to turn into statics, sometimes they end up way off from the 0,0,0 position, and that screws everything up when I try to create my default layers. I have not figured out how to fix that. Any way around that?

Also, here is a screenshot from my latest build (which also was hit by the same issue I am having above.)



Active Member
Oh, I did not realize I had to do that on all my levels. I’ll start doing that!
That's what tells the engine where the center bottom of your SCOL is (crucial for correct placement and rotation!), so you'll want to include one in almost all SCOLs you ever make. Even if you're making temporary SCOLs to use while building plots etc, it's much easier to get things in place if they rotate in the right way.