Question Sanctuary and Starlight Drive-In are showing the same city leader and plan

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    Hi guys. I just started a new playthrough and am only a few hours into the game. I had used the City Planner's Desk to build Sanctuary, assigning Sturges as leader. After clearing Corvega, I headed to Starlight Drive-In. When I built the Desk there, it showed that Sturges was the city leader and the city plan was a Sanctuary plan. I decided to unassign Sturges as leader and use a Starlight city plan (without a leader assigned), and it built just fine. But when I headed back to Sanctuary, the Desk was telling me that there was no leader and the city plan was the same Starlight one. I assigned Sturges and a Sanctuary plan, headed to Starlight and saw that the same issue had repeated itself. Refreshing Starlight just emptied out the place, with nothing built (because obviously it was a Sanctuary plan).

    I built a Desk at Red Rocket and saw that it was similarly 'tied' to Tenpines this time. Any idea what's going on and how I can fix it?

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