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Question Salvage Beacon/Comm Desk Do Not Work After Nuka World Quest


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Really, really long description here

Short version:
  • tried the following: first scraped and rebuilt the comm desk and that did not work, and lastly uninstalled/reinstalled the mod and that did not fix the problem
Comments and advice are appreciated.
Doing that quest breaks all outposts unless you have the NukaWorld patch for Conqueror installed when you do it.

Uncertain why that impacts the Comm desk though. I'd recommend rolling back your save to before you completed the quest and try it again with the NukaWorld Patch.

If it still happens... well I'm unlikely to get to this anytime soon unfortunately - have far too many things on my plate to touch Salvage Beacons.
Thank you kind sir for the fast response.

Is this the patch you are referring to

So I have to open the doors again to the Parlor, Bramberton Amphitheater and Fizztop Mountain? :shok1

Ah! for the quiet times roaming the Commonwealth with only the occasional mutant, raider or ghoul gang.

PS: I normally do a manual install of .esp mods. Since this is an .esl, any particular place in the load order?
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