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    I was doing a mechanist like playthrough. I noticed the MCM has an option to let robots count or not count. If I tell it I don't want robots to count, does that mean I can have as many robots I want at a settlement (I presume so)? More importantly, does that mean I can assign them to work plots or do they start counting at that point no matter what?

    I made a bunch o' bots and after a few seconds they definitely auto-assigned to the settlement, but the count of settlers went up. I'm hoping having Charisma ignored and also 5 unemployed settlers will also permit me to be to continue to build bots there. I am doing an industrial city trying to get the Solar Array (why do we need that to be hidden?), but that needs a lot of duplicate plots.
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    Old post but answering to remove from Unanswered.
    • The settler count option means you can reach max settlement faster but have fewer human settlers.
    • Although bots can be assigned most animations don't play for them as these are designed for human players.

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