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random menu


New Member
So, really weird one for ya. When ever i enter a settlement ether right as i get close to it or shortly after i get in one i get the a menu popping up on my screen while i am walking around that says "You can only place one Salvage Beacon per container" with the "ok" button. i am not at a container or in a menu, nor do i even currently have a active beacon out for retrieval. the menu will not go away until i click or hit enter about 124 times, for each time i hit it, it adds a salvage beacon to my inventory. it really annoying as they are not weightless and when this happens in the open world ,not very often, i find my self trying to figure out what to do with the extra 100, 200, and sometimes 300 extra beacons. everything els about the mod works fine. I can place and select a settlement with no issues.fo4bug.png


Active Member
Honestly, I'd uninstall and reinstall the mod, then test. It sounds like something is missing.