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Rad Scrappers Marina


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City Planner (S3)
I decided to come back this month with a late entry and was challenged by some to do a different kind of settlement. No high tech and make use of 1x1's.

So I present a settlement for those who dare to search for scrap in the glowing sea. Located at Egret Tours Marina, there are plenty of stations to break down the treasure you find and ways to equip yourself for a trip into the glowing sea. If you do find a location with too much scrap for you to bring home yourself we have caravan and communication services up to receive a ping from one of our own salvage beacons. At the finallevel this settlement also upgrades itself to a plutonium well, a bed for 22 Wastelanders, a personal space for a certain vault dweller, and a deep radioactive mine that needs to be cleared. ScreenShot51.pngScreenShot53.pngScreenShot55.pngScreenShot56.pngScreenShot60.pngScreenShot61.pngScreenShot62.pngScreenShot63.pngScreenShot67.pngScreenShot71.png