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Quick questions about plots/city plans


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Hi there! I'm on xbox so we have that stupid limit, however even after installing Wasteland Ventures 1+2 (hi Tinuvia!) I amazingly still have space, so I was going to get one more set of plot packages.

However, most of them come bunched with city plans. I only have SS + IR as ROTC and Conquerer tend to swamp the console and crash my game too often from the size of the builds, therefore I dont need and cant use city plans. Does that mean I cant download the addon packs that have buildings with city plans? Or can I still download them and then it'll let me use the buildings and just act like the city plans aren't there (since I cant use them)?

TLDR: can I download addons with city plans without having rotc and still get to use the new buildings?


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If I understand your question, yes you can add a sim settlement add-on mods with additional plots as long as you have space. The Add-on packs are not dependent on city plans.