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    With many mods that add new npcs to the wasteland, can anyone tell me if there are mods out there that actually grows the various factions, not simply providing "clones"?

    I am fairly certain Combat Stalkers are clones, NPC Travellers are clones I think?

    Does We are the Minutemen, Supermutants Redux etc produce or modify the vanilla races so they have lost their faction - meaning, are the NPCs only true in appearance, but not under the hood?

    What I have seen is those appearing to be Raiders, are actually human nofaction race.

    I know it's an odd question, but with lose of faction status, I wonder if some mods arent "working" because the characters or clones dont register?

    More to the point, is there a faction race check within conqueror? I have not started digging in xEdit yet, but I just have a weird Friday quirk hunt fest...


    Edit: I have noticed differences as well between settlers called in by beacon, cfq kgpbp method, and spawning what may be full vanilla via cheat terminal.

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