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Quest not starting


New Member
Raider sits on roof and don't speak/start quest

Tried on existing save and started new game. Run back and forth and around him near and far, 'moveto player' him and spoke directly - no response.

all popups showed up correctly
King told me that it could be a mod conflict my is just like yours except jammer isn’t sitting on the roof for me
@Testeris010 Would you mind doing two things for me?

1. Post your load order so we can compare it to others with a similar issue.

2. Upload your .fos save file to a google drive or, make it public, and then PM me a link.
I've added several pieces of code to 4.0.1 to ensure all of the Controller quests start.

I was able to replicate this issue when I loaded up a bunch of other mods, it appears to be the typical issue with Fallout 4, where it will fail to load up quests if too many try and start themselves enabled on a new game.