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Public Beta 1.0.14a


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Another "day early" beta version of the patch, including a WSFW update.

Today's Public Beta addresses the following:

  • Maintenance costs will no longer be imposed on vanilla items if that option is turned off. Previously, the maintenance system was being enabled no matter what.
  • Changing the holotape or MCM setting for Non-plot maintenance costs will now correctly queue those up to be recalculated. Since loading all workshop items remotely isn’t possible, each settlement will fully update its costs the next time it loads into memory by the player visiting.
  • HOLO icons in the power row can now show power generated amount.
  • HOLO icons in the power row will now update correctly after a power required amount greater than 10 was met. Previously the last digits would remain until the plot was refreshed.
  • Updated several MCM options to make the descriptions and option names more clear.
  • The Ornate Locket for the quest Bitter Reclamation should no longer appear before receiving the quest. Note that any save where the character Isaiah is already wandering the Commonwealth prior to this patch will still have this issue, but any future new saves should not.
  • Added new holotape tool, under Tools > Advanced, called Change Main Quest Settlement. This will allow you to change the settlement Jake’s quests use as their base.
    • IMPORTANT - do not run if you have objectives from an SS2 main quest to build things in that settlement. Instead, finish that quest first before running this tool.
    • This was added to help people using existing saves to start SS2 who can’t find where Jake is, or who want to change their decision about which settlement they built a beacon in to attract Jake.
  • The HUD will more reliably restore previously configured positions/scales for the various widgets.
  • Added new option to the holotape, under Options > HUD, called Reload Positions/Scale. This will attempt to reload the last known configuration the player had set for the various widget positions and scale.
  • Using the console command to skip quest 13 should no longer cause Old Paul to become a broken settler.
  • “Box of ASAM Sensors for Hubert” should no longer get stuck in inventory when completing “Who Can? ASAM?”. (It will likely still be in your inventory if you completed the quest prior to this patch)
  • Added new Quest Skipping section to the holotape, under Tools > Cheats. These allow for forcing the current main quest complete, or to skip ahead to specific quests in the main questline. When using these, players should wait for all quest completion animations to finish before attempting to proceed in the questline.
    • These were added to help people with problems completing quests due to compatibility issues or bugs, and as a way for people trying to catch up a new save back to where they were in the story more quickly.
    • Depending on the quest, some options will be chosen automatically, and others will trigger pop-up questions and unlocks.
    • Using these options will grant XP and items as if the player completed the quest(s) manually.

WSFW Notes:
  • Fixed a bug with UIManager.ShowMessageSelectorMenuFormlistAndWait that would cause it to fail.
  • UIManager.ShowMessageSelectorMenuAndWait and UIManager.ShowMessageSelectorMenuFormlistAndWait can now correctly accept ObjectReferences as the aMessageTitleNameHolder argument.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent a scrap profile from being collected properly during a Settlement Layout export.
  • Fixed a bug when using UIManager’s barter menu system with object references.
  • UIManager’s message and barter menu functions now have an extra parameter available, by using the new V2 or V3 versions of those functions, which will make UIManager hold the call to the function in a loop if another call is still being resolved. This acts as a sort of virtual queue so multiple requests can be made to the system before the previous one has finished, it will simply wait until the previous call is finished before presenting the menu to the player.

Download public beta 1.0.14a here.

Now that we're so far in to C2 dev that we're releasing trailers, our time is very limited for patches, still please keep those bug reports coming though! Would love to walk into C2 knowing 99% of issues are resolved.