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    Not sure if it would be reasonable/possible to add but I would like to suggest an option be added where we can specify in our Profile/Contact Details next to system choices which DLCs we own. An icon could indicate this at a glance for viewers which could help things when getting help with mod troubleshooting. Something like a plus sign icon next to our PC/X1/etc platform icons and maybe the tooltip on mouseover could list the ones they specified? A gold plus or something for those who have all DLC.
    • Some DLC but not all:
    • Season Pass:

    An additional suggestion could be to add a slot for Modwatch where on our profile we optionally would simply input our username on Modwatch and viewers would get a resolvable link( to the relevant Modwatch page with their load order, similar to how on Nexus we specify the Bethesda Net link only by the file ID. Alternatives could be Google Doc/Spreadsheet or Pastebin. People who don't fill one in would still be asked to include a spoiler tagged list containing the load order, and it also would be best to still include one anyways if the topic in question is about load order.

    As above it could have an MW something like this:

    Mouseover would just show "{User}'s Load Order".
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