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Problem with choosing building plan (industrial plot)


New Member
To start i looked at the sticky of common problems and searched to seemingly no avail, but I apologize if I just missed something.

I really want to make a building materials gatherer. And at first I didn't really understand how the thing worked so I probably took out everything that was in the plan menu and started putting some back trying to figure out how to work the thing. Eventually I googled it and figured out how to do it. Well now, I can let randomize build random plants (so far its scrap heaps) but I've been making more and more industrial plots trying to figure out why my problem keeps happening.

I digress, the problem I am having is now when I pick the building material gatherer plan, it only tries to build the shed and im really confused I have enough sheds but can't manually pick the gatherer. (Idk if it won't let me pick anything else either, haven't tried manually picking the other stuff.) It might be script lag (not really sure that's why I made this thread) and so I am doing what it says and leaving my game be for about 15 minutes to wait and see. I have a nvidia geforce rtx 2070 super, but I have an amd ryzen 5 3600x so maybe my processor isn't the best and it is script lag. I hope it is something that simple because im not sure what else it could be. I only have like 7 mods and only one other pertains to settlements (homemaker)

Thanks in advance,

Din'elen DarkStar

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City Planner (S3)
I'm really interested in playing this mod so I'm gonna restart again without the alt start me up. I hope it works this time because idk if i can handle going through the intro a third time today. what is the thuggysmurf mods? The outcasts one? Is it something I can just avoid or fix someway cause I'm kinda interested in checking it out if so.
Outcasts and remnants, Project Valkryie and Fusion City.