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    Two related questions about power in a City Plan.

    A- since a city plan uses a kind of radiant power, if I build and export something that requires power but never actually wired it up, is it automatically powered? I assume so, but since I need to cut and migrate the population for my plans for some settlements, I'd like to verify that radio beacons don't need to be wired up.

    B- I don't think there's any provision for this but- is there any way to cut power to an item in a city plan? The specific question is because I like to have a cat and dog cage in every settlement, and to release the animal you have to have a power switch cut power to the cage

    I suspect that I need to build the switch in the city plan, then you would manually build and connect the cages later, but would appreciate anyone with definitive knowledge confirming or debunking this?
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    Yes they will need to be wired up and the city will need enough power.

    don't know about the cages, in a CP they may have power all the time.
    you could try the switch idea and lt user know where to place a cage

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