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    So here's an idea for a bunch of QOL plots that all do roughly the same thing: they convert one form of Conqueror resource into another. For when you have an overstock of one type of resource and a shortage of another. Or if you're running a weird faction that relies heavily on one type of resource but not on others.

    The levels all work the same.

    L1: 60 X Resource to 30 Y Resource
    L2: 60 X Resource to 40 Y Resource
    L3: 60 X Resource to 60 Y Resource

    These do not produce the normal wages, rations, or equipment they would normally provide on their own.

    Ethanol Plant:
    Type: Industrial
    Normal: Produces Molotov Cocktails, Flamer Fuel, and Oil.
    Conqueror: Converts Rations into Equipment

    Totally Legit Farmer's Market:

    Type: Commercial
    Normal: Sells Crops.
    Conqueror: Convert Rations into Wages.

    Canning Factory:
    Normal: Produces pre-war food.
    Conqueror: Converts Equipment into Rations.

    Surplus Shop:
    Normal: Sells Guns.
    Conqueror: Converts Equipment into Wages.

    Food Caravanner's Shed:
    Normal: Produces Fresh Food
    Conqueror: Convert Wages into Rations.

    Counterfeit Bottlecap Melter:
    Normal: Produces Steel
    Conqueror: Converts Wages into Equipment
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    Not sure about the specific examples (need to think more) but the general idea is great. The rationale behind WRE makes sense but it's too opaque. For one, guidance/FAQs need to be surface in the UI (eg, another clickable item on war planner's desk). For another, we could use need some more (outpost) design flexibility such as what you're suggesting. tbh, wish with logistics plot that plots such as the ones you mentioned could be built at some plain jane settlement and then linked to outpost for WRE transfer. fine with heavy-to-moderate conversion loss.

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