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Forum Rules Please don't advocate piracy on this site

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Hello folks I realize that the inclusion of the Creation Club assets minus the esl/esp files makes it seem like creating your own esl/esp files and essentially pirating paid content for free seems like a good idea to some. Some are even saying its perfectly legal because they gave you the content as part of the download. However this is not legal and we really don't need people advocating such things on this site as Kinggath may end up liable for it. So unless you want a fast ticket to being banned from the site, stop suggesting it.

On a related note, we understand people get frustrated that F4SE gets broken when Bethesda updates and people are now suggesting downloading older versions of game files from non-official sources to temporarily solve their problems. This is also technically illegal and considered piracy. Please don't advocate this activity on this site.

Not allowed:
  • Suggestions to make your own esl/esp files to get free Creation Club content
  • Directions on making your own esl/esp files to get free Creation Club content
  • Links to non-official esl/esp files to get free Creation Club content
  • Links to sites hosting non-official game files
  • Suggestions to use non-official game files
  • Advocating piracy in general
  • Links to sites promoting piracy in general
  • Whatever other illegal thing I've failed to think of for this list..I mean seriously people do you WANT Kinggath getting into trouble because you can't be bothered to pay for something and get it legitimately? Say goodbye to Sim Settlements if that happens.
Not open for further replies.