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    Update: Patch available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IisvIGQwgdqeUEt-0O3EMytV3xAoU0Vt

    OLD: I would love to see a patch for Conqueror from someone who knows the CK with the mod on the nexus called Mission Generator (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37350/) to add our cool raider gang as an option to select as our allies. The mod author said they added a way to do that easily in the CK, but I don't know jack about the CK. Anyone wanting to do a patch?

    Looks like there is a custom lvl list option in the Terminal subcategory to add lvl, pulling from Conqueror. However, is the raider workshop lvl list "allied" to the player if you're with Jammer and company? The regular raider pool lvl list are simply enemies apparently.
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    I think I got it myself. I DM'd that mod author with the drive link to see if they'd post it/correct it/say it's ok to post it. Also have a snapshot of where to change the generic Raider Gang Member tag to your gang name in FO4edit. I'll post back once that mod author responds.
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    The author posted my patch file on their mod page, we found it was flagged ESM so I corrected that. Found it worked 50/50, so redid it and it is now available here working 99% of the time: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IisvIGQwgdqeUEt-0O3EMytV3xAoU0Vt

    If you know a little about FO4edit or CK, you can change the name from Raider Gang Member to your gang name (or anything else you want). In FO4edit: in the Non-Player Character category, scroll 1/3 way down just past Keywords and CNAM. Change Full - Name to your raider gang and let the good times roll! My gang choice was Radhounds, so you can see the side-by-side comparison in FO4edit.

    Default is the Custom 1 setting in the holotape. Default raider name is Raider Gang Member so their names are different visually from any other raider/other factions. They aren't pulled from your outposts, they're just spawns that are a new record/non-override copy of kinggath's template. You won't see them appear in Outposts as recruits obviously. They don't have Trade or other Dialogue, but will use whatever chatter kinggath gave them during fights and such. Don't shoot them. Ha!

    Change Gang Name Here.png
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