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Patch 2.0.3 - More, More, More is now live!


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[SS2 Extended] Added 41 new purchasable outfits spread across the settlement clothing store levels.

does this also affect the vanilla vendors?


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In addition there is an update available for Workshop Framework!

  • New HQ-related side quest from Jake! For anyone deep into HQ, it should auto-trigger shortly after launching the patch.
  • Doors in the world added by SS2/Chapter 2 now have Intercoms or lanterns players can use to toggle them and get access to vanilla or mod doors without needing to go into the holotape!
  • Concord should now have a new resident for players who have completed the previous content! (She's not technically new, but I fixed a bug that would have prevented her from showing up for most players)
  • Communications class building plans will now correctly work as a Recruitment Beacon and have been buffed to provide +10/+20/+30% chance of settler recruitment!
  • Trading Disease Cures should now work as expected and Disease Research in HQ should now correctly unlock as diseases are discovered in settlements!
  • TONS of bug fixes!

Xbox players, the versions to watch for when you can safely update are: 52 of SS2, and version 23 of Chapter 2.

Full patch notes available here:

I’m still having a problem getting the update with chapter 2 on Xbox what is the problem how can I fix?


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Does anyone know how to complete the new radio quest? I listen to the supermutant broadcast and kill everything in Shaw High School (where the radio tells you to go to) and then nothing? Is this quest supposed to remain largely unmarked too?
In the cafeteria there is a door that leads to the kitchen with a glowing mutant dog. There is a trap door in the corner to the basement where you find the radio to turn off the message. Just a footnote that radio message is a part of the vanilla game. There are a bunch of them for each of the radio towers around the Commonwealth.
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I use Luxor’s hd overhaul as well as grasslands and his mod for grasslands have had 0 issues with them. True grass on the other hand I can’t get to work well unless it’s the half size mod for it that cuts the amount in half for it. think true grass is a little to intense when mods like Luxor’s summer and grasslands have practically 0 impact for me. I also use the f4se plugin as well.
I asked Kinggath about the long save f4se plugin they had made for that issue and he said I did not need to use it as he had incorporated it into one of the patches so I did not install it when I did a complete clean install of Fallout 4 after a SSD issue I had. You might want ask in the Discord just to be on the safe side.