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Papyrus Manager is Your Friend


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This screen is amazing and you should all use it.

From here you can create new scripts, rename scripts, find out what objects are using the script (right-click and choose Use Info), or even bulk compile scripts (select multiple, right-click and choose Compile)!

You can even open this without loading an ESP file if you just need to quickly compile a script!

It's really powerful and especially useful given the tip I just posted about Default Arguments (that bulk compile feature is pretty damn handle so you don't have to scour all your scripts to see which ones called which - just recompile everything!).

Compiled Column

One other thing to note about this screen is the Compiled column. Occasionally, you'll compile a script, it won't give any errors- and yet under the Compiled column it will say No. This generally means that one of the scripts you extended from or have referenced in your script needs to be recompiled. Which is another place the bulk compile can come in handy.

If after doing that, it still shows no. Try closing the CK, and then reloading it without opening a file, then recompile all your scripts again in bulk - that usually resolves it for me.