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Suggestion PA battles


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mentioned it somewhat in passing elsewhere (here in SS forum and discord) but think deserves repeating here... Power Armor (PA) battles. not 1-2 special units participating in a settlement attack or outpost defense but a full on battle of one PA team against another. it could be part of a major SS-C quest. or, it could be your outpost commander/leader tells you there's been an enemy faction spotted near place X (eg abandoned military checkpoint). if you accept the quest/mission, you'll find 5 or so of them all in PA. alternatively, if you advance your outpost (to signify your faction outpost has the technical and resource infrastructure to support them), you can suit up with your own PA team. perhaps, you can designate the X pieces of PA furniture (5 or whatever number is appropriate for lore friendliness and sake of performance) to NPCs in your outpost (after some level of achievement satisfied) and when attacked, they jump in their PA. etc.
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