Outline of Fight for the Living (a 2082 tale of the SS)

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    eople said they 'd like to hear my total fanfic take on Fallout 4, where I have total latitude. So here's my basic take of my own Fallout universe:

    Abridged Fallout TImeline to Present
    1863: West Virginia becomes a state, and the Republicans want to send a message very loud and clear that once territory becomes part of the United States it can never leave, so they create the 'Uniion Standard' which is the Fallout flag, which downplays the dignity of the states by not having each star be a separate state.Instead, the large Star in the center represents the centrality of the federal government and the small 13 stars only the concept of the states
    As a Note, the 50 state flag we have, and the 48-star flag before it? In Fallout's world between about 1900 and 2030 that was seen as a 'states rights' flag and about as offensive as a Confederate flag and for similar connotations.

    1930: Reichwehr colonel Wilhelm Becker, utterly convinced that a second Great War is inevitable, goes to America to study says fo preparing Germany for what is later known as the Red Napoleon Scenario. He is considered the father of all Fallout Science! as a legitimate means of developing new technology. Among other things, he steals/buys/picks up a crate of M1 Garards that fell off the back of a truck.

    1933: Becker uses his improved M1 design and visceral hatred of Communists to convince Hitler that this is the guy he wants developing weapons.

    1938: Becker assembles a skunkworks of talented scientists and inventors from around the world to develop new weapons systems. This includes a very aged Nikola Tesla, chief designers of hovercraft Dagobert Müller von Thomamühl and Toivo J. Kaario, both real-life developers of hovercraft, and other technologies. Becker has aa special interest in less-than-lethal technologies and special operations.

    1939: Already soured on Hitler by Kristallnacht, he's appalled at the occupation of Checkia. But being a good Geman soldier, and also Becker being....nuts....wanted to use N-Stoff to melt through the Maginot Line to avoid invading the Low Countries, because that was a moral and propaganda disaster in WWI. He was turned down. Low countries and half of Scandinavia occupied. Becker deeply unhappy despite French defeat.

    1940-1944: Becker learns a valuable lesson Fallout scientists never seem to: no matter what your intentions, no matter you're successes, you cannot make the world a better place if your bosses are some combination of evil, self-centered, ideological fanatic and meth-head. He joins the German Resistance after Hitler declares war on the US, cause he's seen River Rouge and knows how boned Germany is.

    1942: Wacky cotton-headed ninny-muggins science sees rather interesting rules lawyering of chemical warfare bans with the weaponization of thiols and other non-lethal forms of chemical warfare, but only on the eastern front. Basically these things don't kill you as much as they make you violently throw up from up to a half a kilometer away.

    Thoilacetone is at 7:10, N-Stoff or Chlorine TriFloride is at the beginning.
    Team Becker, inspired by the now late Tesla's love of pigeons, develop a PIGEON GUIDED MISSLE, which was used to great effect against Allied Bombers. Becker, while not evil, is kinda the inspiration of every Bond villain you're ever seen and wanted to use N-toff with pigeon bombs to set the Allied Navy on FIRE as it tries to conduct amphibious operations on Sicily, Salerno, and D-Day. And he was turned down every time

    1944: Becker is killed forced to commit suicide like his buddy Rommel because Valkerie failed. The lesson most people took away from it: Becker was right in saying a bomb was too risky. HE needed to go to the Wolflair with commandos as attaches with a thiolactone bomb and scent killing countermeasures so while everyone at the wolf's lair is tossing cookies, Becker could cap just the people that needed to die, and then walk into th woods and go camping for a few days while Stauffenberg. But Stauffenberg wanted a bomb to make sure. But Becker did kill Himmler and many MANY senior SS people with an N-Stoff Bomb. His last words (apocryphally) "Why are is the Fuehrer so upset? It wasn't a war crime, it was only mass murder. And in this regime, that means I deserve a promotion." This is not quite as he didn't say this, but as he swallowed the pills he complained bitterly that all he wanted to do was kill communists and restore the monarchies BUT NO, Charlie Chaplin has to have IDEAS.
    ***Note: over the top, but having played Old World Blues, that sounds mostly in the spirit of things.


    1947: Transistor WAS invented. YOu cannot have robots, much l;ess Mr. Handy's without transitors and generations of miniaturization.

    1950: CCP charges into Korea. Turman turns down MacAruthur's plans to nuke Manchuria because fallout and world ending. What Mac is allowed to do is take Becker's lessons to heart and use their own N-Stoff stockpile and pigeon missiles to light the whole Yalu river on fire, like Cleveland river fire times 1000. And they do this for eight months while they effectively cut Sino/Koreans off from their supply, rout them all back and fortify the south side of the river to make it effectively impervious to assault from the firepower lacking Chinese troops. The Environmental damage was catastrophic, but victory is achieved.

    1954: Deim Bein Phu. The French are under siege MacArthur is Defense Secretary under Eisenhower and they basically either N-Stoff or nuke the shit out of the Vietnmihn conventional troops. This sets the tone for decolonization and the Cold War......rag tag guerilla armies must NEVER come to open battle of they will be annihilated by Weapons of Mass Destruction.Decolonialism happens but ALWAYS on European terms. Luckily for Africa, most Europeans lose interest in colonies.

    1965: Vietnam war beings anyway because Ho Chi Mign is still fighting an incredibly corrupt and unpopular RNV despite not having a state of his own. This is because you cannot easily or cheaply stop a guerilla movement with arms alone, you need good governance

    1973: Easter Offensive breaks the Vietminh in a way Tet broke the Americans. RNV wins by default. Pol Pot overthrows the government of Cambodia. So....win?

    1976: US and France use Thailand and Vietnam as proxies to invade Cambodia using a walking cloud of thioacetone to incapacitate all but elite units of the Khmer Rouge. Pol Pot in this timeline retreated to the Cardamom Mountains. The entire region ceased o exist after that, not literally but by 1978 a quarter of the population is missing and urban legends are that Pol Pot was used as footstool by the king of Thailand (untrue given the king but maybe another royal) and the Khmer Rouge and anyone suspected of being Khmer Rouge were used as slave labor in mines designed to benefit royalist circles. It was WAY worse for Communists in Vietnam. And there was much rejoicing.

    1982: Theresa Schwebel (birth name Timothy Miller, aka Grandma Goodness 2041-2077 aka Courier Six 2158-2182 aka Special Governor Nevada Territory, United States [New California Republic]) is born.

    1991: end of Cold War Stage 1, Eastern Europe breaks free, as does the Baltic countries but the August coup against Gorbachev is a success meaning the Soviet Union survives but becomes a slightly more powerful Russia. Including Vladimir Putin becoming General Secretary.

    1991-2019: the world as we know it happens, in a period known as the interglacial interbellum, or just the Interglacial

    2001-2006 Theresa Schwebel signs on a very minor founding member (more enthusiast) for the hacktivist Hacktivismo Manifesto, later joins Anyonous for fun and lulz, eventually engaging in corporate espionage against Bernie Madoff, which given her Fiance training she suspected was a transparent ponzi scheme, something others agreed on only in hindsight. Attempts to leak stolen data to the SEC went nowhere. She begins to short Madoff Securities using every spare dollar she can spare.

    2008: Theresa Schwebel (at this point Theresa Miller) working as an accountant convinces Clark House to devest in unstable stocks and bonds ahead of what Theresa sees as an inevitable crash. She coaches Clark House on getting his major stockholders to trap themselves in bad debt to force a dirt-cheap buyback in the case of financial catastrophe.
    Using unpayable leverage, She does a personal big short during the Financial Crisis, betting that AIG would not be the first bank to fall but it was so big the government couldn't afford to let it go under. She buys at just the right time and came away a small millionaire, a pot which grew larger when Bernie Madoff was finally arrested. This begins a long career as a self-described ambush predator of immoral and irresponsible companies

    2010: Because I'm that kind of munchkin Theresa is turned into a vampire (actually no I made Theresa for VtM and it went so badly I cured her to spite every VtM player I'd met to that point and gave her agelessness as a perk of finding Golconda. Then I played her in New Vegas because I wanted to play her in a game I'd enjoy.....and damnit it was thought-provoking on the nature of genritocracy, which is a theme I think we're gonna have to face given real world science AND ghouls. AND supermutants too.)

    2019: Hong Kong protests. It ends really badly. Beginning of Cold War stage 2

    And it's gonna get darker. Much MUCH darker. But this ends with tha vast majority of mankind dying of atomic war, so I hope you're ready. Thoughts would be appriciated. Next episode will involve economic upheavel, mellenial problems never end and Jack Cabot isn't nearly the useless douchebag you think he is.
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