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    I'm having an issue where Ophelia isn't at the first rendezvous point. I tried teleporting her there and she just says "I noticed something new at the raid board," and won't speak anymore. I also tried resurrecting her and she won't respond either. She also said this earlier when I first started playing today and I checked out the raid board and couldn't see anything different.

    I just installed the new patch, so I'm wondering if this is related somehow? I'm also not sure, but I think this is the first new mission?

    Any way to get her unstuck, or start the earlier quest that it sounds like she's stuck in?
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    The raid board comments have been a thorn in my side - I've confirmed several patches now that they are conditioned correctly - yet they still keep speaking the lines. They only speak them once per day currently though, so that should prevent them from ever interfering with quests.

    Per the rendezvous at Bottleneck Blues, I believe this has been fixed in one of the last couple patches.

    (Apologies for the long delay in a response. I tend to only visit the support section of the forums when someone tags me in for help and I wanted to clear out some of the Unanswered posts today.)
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