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Old Paul Statue


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There is no reason you can't create a memorial to him.
Everything you need is available for free.


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I miss Old Paul and was very disappointed to see him killed off. And I miss little Cola. I sent her to a settlement but she never showed up. I wish Paul could be resurrected in some fashion. How about Old Paul Jr.? Have him show up at HQ one day, pressing the intercom and asking to meet Jake and the sole survivor. Or have the character show up in chapter 3 as Paul's son who asks about his father? He was an engaging and endearing character. Maybe just to me and a few others. But having the game memoralize him would be a nice gesture to a pivotal tutorial character.

And while meandering down memory lane, how about Three Dog? Another character I really miss from FO3. Wouldn't that be a kick.


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Regarding the future of Old Paul - I can see one option that would even "fit" into the game's lore AND tie into what we know of his life story, but it'd be downright cruel to do what I'm thinking. (although if I were on the writing team, I'd do it anyway - probably too late into CH3 development to put that kind of thing in now though)

And I miss little Cola. I sent her to a settlement but she never showed up.
A lot of people have noted that - myself included. Only way I could get her to go where I sent her was using console commands to teleport her.

how about Three Dog?
Funny story about that, which kinggath has related on the livestreams. Apparently, an early iteration of SS2's story didn't have the person we now know as "Jake" - instead, it had Three Dog. With his original voice actor. But due to Legal Issues regarding contracts and voice actor unions, that wasn't something they were able to pull off.


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I doubt I have the skill at the moment to do it myself, but I could see having a themed 1x1 cemetery plot dedicated to him would be a nice addition.