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    Had trouble with Nordhagen Beach assuming it was attached to when the Prydwen turned up. When visited HUD displays Level 0 for the settlement, 2 city planners desks both reporting level 0, but at the same time the city has completed its level 3 walls using the base city plan. Rebuilding the local data turns off the city plan altogether and I seem to have lost any of the Nordhagens as city leaders. The scrapall command does not remove level 3 decorations, setting charges to clean up the entire settlement does not work. Currently changing city plans and leaving the settlement for a week to see if everything updates correctly will update when I have returned after week in game. Save is available but modded to heck (no mods associated with npcs or settlements aside from sim settlements).

    One other issue I had that might be related is that the city planners desk in Nordhagen associated with Greentop Nursery.

    Edit: After waiting for cell refresh which is not occuring I have discovered I have started a BOS quest for Nordhagen Beach while it is in control of the minutemen and may be clashing together causing a layering effect on the settlement.
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