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    Requires Version 4.1.2 or Greater of Sim Settlements
    and Rise of the Commonwealth Expansion 4.0.10 or Greater


    Currently featuring 7 available leaders

    Even though a few other Addon Packs feature these very same leaders, they always felt incomplete to me with either very few leaders or some leaders with traits and others with none, so I felt like doing my own pack as a more complete version of the addon-packs. Nevertheless, I do appreciate the other Addon-Packs authors for all of their work and for inspiring me to do my own.

    You can follow my work in this sheet (click here) and check all the current available leaders and their traits, and also know the leaders I am currently working on. Also know that I am always open for suggestions or recommendations regarding the leader traits.
    If you enjoyed my Addon-Pack please consider endorsing and share with your friends.

    Very Important Note:
    This Addon-Pack is very much a work-in-progress, the pack is far from complete as I plan on adding over 40 leaders. However I will be adding new leaders as small groups every 2 to 3 days or even less, depending on how much time I have. This is mostly because besides of my limited time I am also very new to modding in Fallout 4 / Sim Settlements, therefore taking things bit more slowly gives me time to learn my mistakes and fix them as soon as possible. Therefore any feedback will be very much appreciated.

    Simply download via Vortex / Mod Manager.
    If manually, extract the file and place it in the Data folder in the game's installation folder

    - Kingath (for creating Sim Settlements)
    - The Sim Settlements Team (for all the amazing work)

    - All Leader Packs Authors (for inspiration)​
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