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New to modding and stuck outta the gate....


New Member
Seems like a super silly question but veiwing the Mod School tuts on youtube "basic plot building" i cannot locate the kgSIMBuildingPlanTemplate to really get started. Hassomething to do with that step changed with SS2 or im i missing something?


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You're sort of in between right now, if you plan to make addon packs for SS2. The Mod School tutorials for SS1 won't work exactly for SS2 since a lot of the code has changed. kinggath is however finishing up the new Builder's Toolkit for SS2 and it will be released soon. You could still make an addon pack for SS1 (using a new profile in Vortex that only has SS1 mods on it), the basic procedures of making a basic plot will be the same. But if I were you I'd hold on a little longer for the new toolkit.