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New Jammer Jammed

El Covello

New Member
Started a new game 3 times & captured 3 different locations as main outposts, starlight drive-in, Sunshine tidings and Sanctuary hills' I get to the point where I am able to capture a slaver outpost with no issues. But when I return to Jammer he wont speak to me again. On the first play-through I thought it may have been the fact that he was assigned as the city leader, so I Changed the settings on the planners desk to no leader required & unassigned him as leader. He still wouldn't talk to me. Failing that I started a brand new save, tried sunshine tidings but got the same result. Still thinking it may be the city planners desk I started yet another save using The Bare-bones Sanctuary Hills as my outpost But still he won't talk to me.
I have the same issue with new "unjammed Jammer" - while previous bugs were squashed and settlers don't die after assault now, Jammer stops speaking with me after taking over first outpost + farm & killing attacking gunners.
The 4.0.1a patch addresses this - it was posted around midnight my time!