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Murkwater Construction Site - DozerVil


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City Planner (S3)
At DozerVil, we are pushing back the wastes.
We have drained off the swamp and ground waters, reclaiming the land around the construction site.
This has also created a great resource for the community, giving us an almost unlimited source of water we can purify and use.
We hope to one day reclaim more of the land lost to the swamp as more of the water levels lower in the surrounding area.
With the rich soils and the land we have reclaimed from the swamp we are a thriving and productive community.
Come and pay DozerVil a visit.

This is the community I'm working on at the moment.
My idea was to reclaim the land and have a purified water resource and food production resource through the towns land and water reclamation.
It's is nearing completion, but I wanna make sure it works properly so I'm taking extra time to verify everything and double check as I go.
I hope you'll like my new community.
More to come.


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City Planner (S3)
I've finally completed my 3rd stage and am ready to start breaking my town down into it's lower stages.
I just wanted to share some shots of the town and some of it's locations found within it's walls.

This is from the front of the town, as you can see I have made it appear as if the water levels had dropped and the land was now above the water, due to drainage and water reclamation efforts.
The town still mainly built on supports, has little to worry about when it comes to flooding, as there is no longer any surface water remaining within the town.
As a result this town will produce a large resource of purified water for the player, with it's water tank, pumps, purifier, water plot and recreational plot for perception to increase water output.
The following pics are the town and various areas within
When entering from the front entrance you will find your player home to the left, next to Greenhouse Gardens, a greenhouse/warehouse that contains a variety of plants and plots that supply the town with food. It was built up around the destroyed home on the ridge. Even though most of the home was destroyed, much of it's infrastructure survived and now supports the garden.
On the right is the warehouse with SS2 workstation and workbenches, in front a settler beacon, Just need to attach it and I'm ready to create stage3.
The rest of the town circles around these buildings.
Here are some interior pics of the buildings

Inside your home.

GreenHouse Gardens

The workshed.
SS2 Workstation and workbenches.
Made to appear as a water shed, water services area.
Even some empty bottles for bottling water, but then again who would ever drink water from a bottle?

The rear of the town features various shops, living quarters, water services and recreational areas, a second recreational area for endurance can be found in the back for increased food output. Another resource for the player.

It includes Caravan Services to connect with other communities.
And still more.
Soon to be released.
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City Planner (S3)
I made a video of my settlement in it's stage 3 fully developed state.
I posted it on my youtube and will attach it to my mod when it's posted.
Just trying to break down the last two stages, but here's a look.