Suggestion Mercenaries (Plus Automatrons)

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    The idea of Mercenaries is this:

    So here's a classic problem:
    You are short on rations, so you need to raid a vassal. Problem is, you are short one, two, or three soldiers for this to happen. Which means you have to put someone on an agri plot, and then hope that works out and suffer a happiness hit, and then wait around for more people to show up.

    Well, I'd like to propose an alternative: Mercenaries. Mercenaries are low-grade, faction-unaffiliated, one-shot soldiers of fortune you can hire to help tip the balance in a raid. You pay (a lot) of caps upfront for their services in order to bolster your raiding forces, and once the attack is done, they leave. They do not stay in the conquered settlement, they do not return to your outpost, they do not level up.

    On a similar, yet different request is the ability to turn automatrons you build into soldiers. Done either by a special tool, or by a robot addon (maybe a special radar beacon? It would give some sort of use for the slot.)

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