Suggestion Martial Plot Types Split: Default/Ground/Water

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    Now that I am rolling with lots of settlements I see that some martial plots are really designed to be ground only and some can be either.
    I don't know which would be best or some combination of:

    Split the martial plots into multiple types:
    1) Default / any elevation plot, 2) Ground only plots and 3) Water only plots
    Have an option on the plot interface to select which type is allowed at this plot.

    Either would require plot makers to set a flag as to what kind of martial plot it is, Default (all zones), Ground Only, Water

    This would solve dogs in the air and boats on land

    This flag could be useful for all plot types so I almost tend to think the 2nd method would work.
    I can imagine barge/raft based plots and a settlement location at the Libertalia.

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