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    In vanilla I could just about accept the idea that as the general, it was acceptable to rock up and sleep in someone's bed.
    But it doesn't make much sense when I'm a raider and do not own a settlement (as in, it's a pre built settlement that I've only just discovered) that I can just walk in and sleep in someone's bed.

    It would be great if the beds in residential plots were marked as owned until I own the settlement.

    I think this would help with immersion and create a good mechanic for survival.

    Bonus suggestion: it would be even cooler if you could find the owner and offer them a fee to rent the bed for 24 hours (or whatever the vanilla renting system does).

    Bonus bonus suggestion: I think this could then extend out to other buildings too.
    If a city has an ammo plant you can buy ammo.
    If a city has a lumber yard you can buy wood etc.
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