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Question Making Buildings Look Better


New Member
SS is a much nicer way to interact with settlement building and does feel more rewarding and viable (especially since normal settler jobs give the player almost nothing) but I'm doing a couple of load orders that each revolve around different themes. Neither of those themes (Steampunk and hard, near-future Sci-Fi) really match the building textures and meshes that come with any of the plots and city plans.

Most of the buildings in SS and SS2 seem to be very rugged, open-to-the-elements affairs that belong in a ruin. Is it possible for SS to use wall/building types from mods that improve the looks of things? I recently uninstalled SS2 due to it breaking my game halfway through, so if SS1 can't do this, I'm worried I might be out of options for settlement building at all, which is one of the big draws of Fallout 4.

Thanks in advance!